Over the last few years there’s been a great deal of communal nostalgia for how Warcraft “used to be.” The game just celebrated its 10 year anniversary a year ago. That’s a decade of the map shrinking, of bad guys dying, of old friends disappearing into the internet’s ether.

The term they use for the original World of Warcraft is “vanilla Warcraft.” It means Warcraft before the expansions and innovations. For some diehards, this game has been trending downwards since the middle of the last decade. The world was expansive and scary, groups had to be formed just to pass some quests (not even only in the dungeons) and the original lore… before they retconed the crap out of it was fantastic.

World of Warcraft is a different game than it was 10 years ago. In its massive success, its publisher, Blizzard, offered more and more convenience to players. In 2015 you can a press a button, be matched with other players cross-server, get teleported to a dungeon, and have loot automatically dropped into your bag. Journeys, like the ride from Lakeshire to Blackrock Mountain, are now blissfully quaint.

The gameplay is more streamlined now, but there’s a generation of players who remember hiking through Horde territory, hands on their hilts, hoping to make it to Scarlet Monastery in one piece. Some of that wonder was lost.

If you’re an old-timer or a newcomer who is curious about how things used to be, you can play the original World of Warcraft on private “vanilla” servers. These servers have existed since the launch of Burning Crusade, the first Warcraft expansion, but they’ve become prevalent as the game has gotten older.

As we have grown older and now have families of our own, some of us wanted our kids to experience what made the original game so spectacular. So we setup an trio of servers and let it grow into what it is now, a smallish community of families and friends playing what they played a decade ago with a newer generation of players. We hope you enjoy what we have put into this realm and the weekly fixes we apply in order to make this the place that allows you and yours to enjoy a bit of the past as well.